Dirty Chimneys Cause fires

Reduce Risk of Home Structural Fires

Dirty Chimneys cause chimney fires. Living in California already increases the risk of home fires.  We need to keep defensible space around our homes.   When it is hot and windy we need to be extra cautious of fires.

More than 10.3 million acres were burned in 2020, compared with 4.7 million acres in 2019. Five of the top 20 largest California wildfires fires occurred in 2020, according to CalFire’s list. Wildfires in California have burned a record 4.2 million acres, damaging or destroying 10,500 structures and killing 31 people.

If you have a fireplace, you need to be aware of the fire hazards of a damaged or dirty chimney can cause.

The National Fire Protection Agency says nearly half of all home-heating house fires are caused by dirty chimneys, and a majority of them happen during the winter months.

Chimney fires usually start due to a build up of creosote, a flammable reside left over from burned wood. Inspections and/or cleaning will reduce this risk significantly.

Chimney-Sweepers.Com specializes in inspections here in Southern California.  Houses here are structurally different with the fireplace and chimney being the only part of the house made out of brick.
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